• Kity 439 Ribbed Cutter Block Drive Belt

Kity 439 Jointer/Planer replacement ribbed belt - this is the cutter block drive belt

Manufacturers Part Reference Number: 20 0404 047

Please note that this model is fitted with more than one drive belt, this is the belt that powers the cutter head so please check that your old belt is flat with a series of grooves as in the listing photo above.

I had problems getting a belt for my Kity 439 as its quite old. I spoke to a gentleman named Mike who asked me the size of the belt and had one made. The fitting of it was perfect. I've had no troubles at all with it and the machine runs perfectly. I would like to thank Mike for putting himself out to help us and highly recommend him and his team Thank you.

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Kity 439 Ribbed Cutter Block Drive Belt

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