• Boosted Board V2 Powered Skateboard Drive Belt

Replacement toothed drive belt for the Boosted Board V2 powered skateboard.
This set contains two belts.

(Please note that these will only fit the version 2 and will not fit the V1 Boosted Board)

Premium Quality Replacement Belts: Manufactured by SKF

Dan S
Great belts!

J Pease
I bought this product for my boosted board. Seems like a great product and well worth the price. Was less than half the price from any boosted retailer. I will certainly be coming back and ordering more for my next set!

T Volant
Great reliable and fast service, belts are just like the branded boosted ones but definitely cheaper and I've been riding for years now around London and I can't tell the difference.

P Walmsley
Purchased as spare drive belts for an Electric skate board. [Boosted] V2. Fitted perfectly. Good cost effective alternative to Boosted genuine belts.

S Barry
Haven't had a chance to use this belt extensively so I can't speculate about the long term quality of it, but it certainly seems identical to the belts that get shipped by Boosted and it is about 1/3rd of the price. I've rode my board a decent amount since getting the belt and it works absolutely fine. If it lasts 200 miles I'll buy all my new belts from here!

P Earthling
I can only speak so far for delivery time and it was quicker than expected. As to quality, without using them yet I can't say but I've seen 4 different brands for replacement belts and these look/feel as good as any.

T Volant
Amazing product, been using them for the past month and have nothing to complain about! They fit perfectly and are a fraction of the price of the ones from boosted that you'd have to order oversea! Thx!

nice belts and all up n running AAA++++

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Boosted Board V2 Powered Skateboard Drive Belt

  • £10.75

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