Replacement Drive Belt for the Power Craft PBS-950 and PBS-950N Belt Sander. 

Please note!
There are various different sizes of belts available for this belt sander, so it is important that you check your exact model number and variant which you'll find on the sanders rating/makers badge.

Belts available for the below Powercraft belt sanders;

  • PBS 950    -  BSM6006
  • PBS 950    -  BSM6019
  • PBS 950N  -  BSM6016
  • PBS 950N  -  BSM6022
  • PBS 950N  -  BSM6026
  • PBS 950N   - 2408
  • PBS 950N   - 43631

If you're not sure which belt you need please click on the 'drive belt enquiry' button below.

Power Craft PBS-950 PBS-950N Sander Drive Belt 409226

  • £4.95

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Tags: 409226, 409236, 409465, Power Craft 2408, Powercraft 2408, Power Craft 43631, Powercraft 43631, Powercraft PBS950, Powercraft PBS950N


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