• Fenner PowerTwist Link Belt

Fenner PowerTwst Plus link belt has many advantages over traditional 'V' belts, the most obvious being its ability to be quickly and easily fitted without the need to disassemble the machine or application that it is being fitted to.
PoweTwist is also very useful in applications which are prone to vibration, as due to the belts link design and flexibility it has the ability to reduce the vibration which can be caused by traditional belts.


  • Easy to fit with little or no disassembly of the machine/application.
  • No need to retention - once run in there's no need to constantly adjust the belt.
  • The ability to reduce vibration and noise by up to 50 percent.
  • Excellent Belt life and up to 20 times longer than other belts.
  • High Resistance to water, steam oil and chemicals.
  • Suitable for use in extreme temperatures environments of -40F to +240F

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Martin G
It arrived very promptly, looks good quality, although I haven't fitted it yet. I was pleased that the quoted price was inclusive of VAT and delivery - I buy a lot from the internet and some sites quote a good price, which is net of these. Once added, the price becomes much less attractive.

Volodymyr K
Better like I have before belt no. Metal parts less noise.

A Roberts
Great service,

A Roberts
How it should be. Quick and easy.

P Kirkman
Belt arrived on time and exactly the right length. Fits perfectly and works well. Looks much stronger than the standard part. 10 out of 10.

B Klinck
Used this Fenner Powertwist Link Belt to replace the drive belt on my lathe. Very easy to fit following the instructions. I checked the belt tension with a force gauge and it was spot on. Much less noise from the drive train, now thinking of upgrading my drill press.

G Warner
Good speed on delivery. Saved me stripping front of digger out. Good stretch and tension on belt so all good so far

M McGeachy
Belt was for a model makers lathe I was restoring and was just ideal since: a) Can be installed without dismantling the machine. b) Very easy to set optimum belt size. Great service from DBS

Carolyn McCulloch
Good quality, great service, highly recommended.

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Fenner PowerTwist Link Belt

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